Writing Part 2.


Michael closed the door and knew at that moment  he had made a mistake. There was an old mand behind the closed door. He had a furious light shining in his eyes. It didn’t matter if ther was a closed door between them, the man could easily break it and get into the room. Michael knew that it would only make him angry. Immediatly, he opened the door and the man wasn’t there! Michael coul swear he had seen the man right there. He started to run through the corridor. There wasnt’ anybody in the house. “Maybe it’s all just a nightmare”, he wished. Michael got into the living room and started to hear music. It came from a piano that was in the corner of the room, but no one was playing it. After a few seconds it stopped and Micheal turned around to escape from there. He couldn’t believe what he was looking at. The old man was standing al the door. Michael shouted and, suddenly, he was in his bed.



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