It was 3 o’clock in the morning  when the phone rang. Rose was sure that it was her friend calling. She picked it up and answered. She was right, Julia was talking to her. “Rose, my little sister has disappeared”, said Julia. She was so nervous that she almost couldn’t speak. Rose asked some things like when she last saw her and other questions that could help to find Lily. Rose went to hte police station where she worked. There she called a lot of people asking if they had seen Julia’s sister. “No”, answered almost everyone. Lily was 15 years old so, if she hadn’t been kidnapped or murdered, which were the worst situations they could face to, she was old enough to take care of herself. After a four-day investigation and more questions without answer, Rose had a call from Julia. “Lily has arrived home, but she doesn’t want to tell us where she has been. “She’s fine”, said Rose’s friend. Nobody has ever know where Lily had been those days.



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